String shelving with Vintage Tins

vintage tins

Awful rainy days are the perfect time for a good tidy up don’t you think? The stylish way to clear clutter, in my case it’s kid clutter, is to throw it all into lovely vintage tins – out of sight!

I’ve always had a thing for Vintage tins & now I have actual use for them!

All different sizes & colours, some with great images & beautiful fonts. The most practical tin is this big old antique travel trunk which is perfect for hiding toys away. These old shipping trunks were very common so you’ll find one in most junk or vintage shops.

Don’t be put off if it looks too beaten up or rusty. They clean up really well with a wipe over of white spirit. After that you can paint a couple of coats of your favourite colour gloss to suit your decor & you’re done!

String shelving with Vintage Tins

String shelving with Vintage Tins

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    Hi Michelle, when you say you cleaned up the rusty tins with “white spirit” does this mean turpintine? And is it best to use an oil based paint on the tins?

    Thanks, Samantha

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      Welcome back Samantha, Yes that’s right turpentine will do the same thing. You just need it to clean off the loose rust, dirt or old paint to prep it for fresh paint & I’d go with a gloss so it’s hard wearing plus you’ll get better coverage although that’s just a personal preference. Let me know how you get on x

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