high waisted short shorts over 40

high waisted short shorts

O.k these are shorter than I usually wear shorts but for some reason they feel like I’m getting proper butt coverage so it’s all good. The high waist has something to do with my feeling of safety whilst making my legs appear longer, it’s a little contradictory I suppose but being confident that my flabby bits aren’t hanging out is what it’s all about.

These high waisted short shorts are so comfortable

Because of the high quality linen & clever cut, notice the perfectly placed darts at the front & the immaculately crafted cuffs? If the fit isn’t right you get that ugly pull across the front of trousers when you plunge your hands into your pockets (which I tend to do a lot) but not with these tailored short shorts from PPQ London.

I’ll be wearing them throughout summer, being perfect for flats or flip-flops as well as heels I’m quite looking forward to styling them right down to casual day wear.

This T- shirt is the T by Alexander Wang range

I have it in several varying shades of grey because when you find the perfect T, well you know….

The clutch is a plaster colour pebbled leather with pretty rose gold hardware adding to the mix of metals in my necklace by Marie Laure Chamorel that I also wore here. Reading back that sentence it sounds like I’m describing an interior design, come to think of it there is no difference really, your home decoration is more or less outfits for your house isn’t it? It stands to reason that your home & what you wear would be of the same style, mine certainly are!
The Prada sandals I bought on a trip to Capri well over 10 years ago but I think they’ve stood the test of time & I still get compliments on them proving once again that shoes absolutely ARE AN INVESTMENT!. If you choose carefully & spend more on good quality they will give you love for decades to come, true story.
So tell me, how short would you go in shorts? Mx

high waisted short shorts over 40

ppq high waisted shorts alexander wang clutch chamorel necklace

high waisted short shorts over 40

alexander wang clutch marie laure chamorel necklace opi varnish alexander wang t shirt

alexander wang clutch OPI nail varnish
OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight | Alexander Wang Clutch

prada sandals alexander wang clutch
Alexander Wang Clutch


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    Love this. That necklace is killer.

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      Hi Cory thanks for popping by… The necklace was on sale too!

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    I love to read your posts, you have a way with words and fashion explanations! 😀 I have hard times finding the perfect pair of shorts, somehow all of the shorts that are trendy this year show your ass! Whyyyy, why would you want to do that? So yeah, really love the ones you are wearing here, perfect length and design!
    I want to invest into good quality shoes, I really do, but every time I see the price tag on something that is over 100$ I cringe…just …can’t …do … it … 😀

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      I couldn’t agree more about those super short shorts, way too brief! I’m having a ball writing my blog but I do wonder if anyone out there is actually reading it so thank you for letting me know it means a lot x

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