moschino umbrella umbrella | AllSaints leather biker jacket | Whistles breton top | Button through denim skirt

This morning when I put a pic of me wearing this leather jacket also here on Instagram the lovely Kerry from Feeling Good Over 40 Blog asked me if I’d seen the Daily Mail article advising women over 40 not to wear leather.
Obviously I hadn’t seen it otherwise I would never have had the audacity to wear a leather jacket – a black biker one from that youngsters Brand AllSaints no less! doubles over laughing
Clearly Kerry was being facetious but it made me curious enough to search for the article.
What I found absolutely cracked me up….
The entire page of my Google search was filled with article upon article from the Daily Mail of what women should not wear! Even over the knee boots were there, Oh no I’ve only gone & bought a pair! Check them out here.
Suddenly it hit me why Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb has had such a massive response to her #iwillwearwhatilike campaign.
Certainly I knew about the article Catherine was rebutting however, call me naive, I honestly had no idea this attitude of suppressing women’s personal choice in clothing was a running theme. I don’t get it nor do I care to, it’s juvenile & ridiculous although it does explain a lot. Clearly negative articles directed at women’s appearances sells “papers” of a particular persuasion. There’s an easy remedy to this girls.
Ahem moving on….

moschino umbrella umbrella | AllSaints leather biker jacket | Whistles breton top | Button through denim skirt

moschino umbrella umbrella | AllSaints leather biker jacket | Whistles breton top | Button through denim skirt

moschino umbrella umbrella | AllSaints leather biker jacket | Whistles breton top | Button through denim skirt

moschino umbrella umbrella | AllSaints leather biker jacket | Whistles breton top | Button through denim skirt

moschino umbrella umbrella | AllSaints leather biker jacket | Whistles breton top | Button through denim skirt

Moschino Cheap & Chic umbrella

Isn’t this the chicest umbrella brella brella…Eva?

Trust Moschino Cheap & Chic to add the adorable Olive Oyl head for a little humour with style. I bought this brolly (plus a similar one see here) from Tkmaxx for a whopping £21, it even came in a handy, pretty shoulder bag! Unfortunately I forgot to take the bag with me when I shot this which is a shame because it really is very pretty & very handy. True.
It’s always worth a quick rummage around at Tkmaxx isn’t it but did you know it is now also online?
My midi length button through denim skirt was a thrift shop find quite some time ago, see also my See by Chloe one I wore with knee high boots. Yikes that one’s a mini – shame on me! Wink Teeheehee
Button through denim skirts are easy to wear when you find the length & shape that suits you. Here’s a fuller skirt option or this one I really love although whatever your budget any button through denim skirt will give you countless outfits for every season.

Does everyone have a Breton striped top in their wardobe?

My cream & black one is from WhistlesBoden do a gorgeous slightly sparkly one or if you like extra butt coverage this long-line one is a no brainer.
My Mary Jane wedges are from Gary Castle in Sydney (also worn with harem pants) & my socks are Pringle from hubby’s drawer. This cable knit charcoal grey beanie gets a proper workout every winter as I absolutely cannot stand having cold ears. Mine is from All Saints, here’s a navy one that is super cute too.

Thrifted button through denim pencil skirt

Moschino umbrella | Whistles breton top | AllSaints Cargo leather biker jacket

Moschino umbrella | AllSaints beanie | AllSaints Cargo leather biker jacket | Whistles breton striped top

Thanks for popping by see ya Friday, Mx

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    Morning, I’ve never listened to what people told me What I should or what I should not wear, it’s always been a personal choice on my part and obviously what suits me. This over 40’s shouldn’t wear this rubbish really winds me up. I too have a lovely Topshop leather jacket and wear it alot. I have more beanies than I care to remember. What are we supposed to wear then? Haha. Great post love that brolly and you make wearing socks and shoes Sooooo cool, Tracey xx…

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      It is bizarre all this carry on although sometimes I wonder if we’re not our own worst enemy. If women stopped judging other women there would be none of this nonsense!
      The shoes & socks will crack up my Dad – He was always laughing at the “Pommies” in Australia who’d do this in summer. Can’t wait for the backlash teeheeheee 😉

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    OMG the flippin’ Daily Fail strikes again with their obnoxious articles, Michelle…!! Thank goodness there are sane people like us out there to tell others not to listen to this nonsense. As I always say, what difference does it make to anyone else what you wear? Even if we did somehow look “ridiculous” (as subjective as that is) – so what? Civilisation is hardly going to come crashing down is it… So many better things to worry about!

    I’m calm now… Rant over, hehe! Seriously though, you look awesome in a biker jacket – so does Helen Mirren, so does Patti Smith, and they’re both a lot older than you. Style is about your personality, not your age or even your body shape I think. If I’d followed every rule for my body shape I wouldn’t have worn half the things I wear, and that would be a shame.

    As far as your outfit here goes, it’s fabulous, and it suits your style. You’ve taken classics like the skirt and jacket and given them a twist by adding socks with shoes and a cute beanie. And the most important thing: YOU love it!! I rest my case 🙂

    Thank you also for the mention of #iwillwearwhatilike! I love everyone’s support, it’s been such a positive thing!

    Catherine x

    P.S. I don’t have a Breton stripe top in my wardrobe. I have about eight…!! #oops

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      Crikey 8! Well that makes you an expert I’d say Catherine…
      Always a pleasure to have you visit & thank you so much for your generous support.

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    The Stylopedia

    I love this look; I’m especially crazy about the socks with the shoes! I just got a red and white Breton tee for Christmas; I think that is the only colour way I didn’t already have! The article about women not wearing leather is outrageous. My mother in law is in her 70’s and looks so elegant in her black leather trousers. xx

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    Oh that sort stuff cracks me up too. Who the @#$% is this &*%# to decide what we’re going to wear anyways? I think she forgot about a tiny little fact that at midlife (besides a few pounds in unwanted places) we’ve gained tones of confidence and a huge daring attitude. Which pretty much makes us immune to other people’s opinions. After 40 we know exactly what we like wearing and we don’t give a $%^& about if others will approve (even if it’s leather from head to to toe and a few tattoos in-between)! BTW I loved your sock/leather idea, Michelle! You go girl! xx Abby

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