Caudalie Vinoperfect serum review by RetroChicMama Over 40 FashionBeauty Blogger


6 weeks ago I started using Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum.

Caudalie makes a pretty strong claim to improve & indeed correct pigmentation. Having patches of obvious pigmentation appear on my face periodically throughout my adult life, made far worse during my 3 pregnancies, makes me an expert & a skeptic. I’ve treated the problem with prescription grade Retin A & resorted to 2 chemical peels over the course of 25 years.
I don’t know what causes it although I strongly suspect it’s hormonal, & in my case also genetic. Clearly sun damage can be a factor however as I’m quite diligent at protecting my face outdoors I have to admit it’s probably now more about natural aging.
Therefore I didn’t hold much hope for this over-the-counter product delivering on its promise. However I’ve recently become aware of scientific advancements using the incredible restorative molecule Resveratrol, found in grapevine stalks. The combined facts that Resveratrol is a key ingredient & Caudalie are a member of 1% For The Planet meant I was willing to give Vinoperfect a fair go.
I waited until now to make my judgement, giving the product a proper chance before I share my honest opinion with you.
I haven’t followed the advice of Caudalie to apply the serum underneath my usual moisturizer simply because I know that would be far too much product for my skin. I’d end up breaking out or at the very least with clogged pores. Additionally as I’m testing it in Summer when my skin is at its most hydrated I really don’t need to add more external moisture. On the other hand should I continue to use it through Winter that could possibly change when my skin tends to become quite dehydrated over the coldest months.
That said I must add that one can never drink enough water. Obviously you all know that DOH!

So here’s what I’ve been doing

My evening routine is to cleanse with Micellar Water, wait for a second for it to dry then squeeze one dropper worth into my palm & wipe onto my face. The residue I rub over the backs of my hands to give those brown age spots a dose of it too.
In the morning I gently exfoliate with Apricot Scrub in the shower then after I’ve dried off I apply the one dropper squeeze to my face again. Following that I will either use my BB cream or simply an SPF 50 sunscreen depending on what I’m up to that day. In Summer I also often wear a hat outdoors to further protect my face.
If you’re still exposing your face to direct sunlight completely unprotected STOP IT NOW! I mean it people STOP. It’s never too late & believe me your skin will continue to be severely damaged by the sun for as long as you allow it.
This goes for sunbeds too, which incidentally I think should be bloody banned. I appreciate a tan as much as the next white person so I get one out of a bottle. Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with pale skin either it’s up to you, all I ask is you don’t get a SUNTAN. Right lecture over, back to my Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum results…

Overall I am absolutely thrilled with the results from Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum

How to do a natural make up over 40 or any age Tutorial by RetroChicMama Over 40 FashionBeauty Blogger


My skin does appear more even

The serum is super light yet not so thin that I need additional moisturizer. You can use your own judgement depending on your skin type – Just so you know I found it completely unnecessary.
I imagine this 30ml bottle will last for some time going by how little I’ve gone through using it twice daily. Making it excellent value for money at £45.
As I suspected it has not miraculously cleared my pigmentation & to be honest it does annoy me when cosmetic companies make this claim. Pigmentation goes far too deeply into the skins layers for anything so gentle to penetrate or have any dramatic effect. So my existing pigmentation remains to be covered by Kevyn Aucoin concealor, which is fine & acceptable. Although I’d appreciate it if all of these companies would stop saying they can get rid of pigment & indeed wrinkles. We can all do without it right ladies?
I am, however, impressed with my skins texture & healthier glowing appearance & will continue to use Vinoperfect for these reasons alone.
I’m also really interested in trying some other Caudalie products such as this oil. I’ve had terrific results with Bio Oil over the years particularly in Winter when my skin is dreadfully dry. It may be time to try another oil product & Caudalies outstanding care for the environment make them a conscious first choice for me.

Caudalie Vinoperfect serum review by RetroChicMama Over 40 FashionBeauty Blogger

I found this deal, click the image above for a free Micellar Water with purchase.

If there is anything specific you’d like to know about my experience using Vinoperfect please let me know in the comments box below.
Bye for now,

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    jessica jannenga (@jessicajannenga)

    Hi Michelle, I just bought a set with the cleansing water and the hydrating serum from Caudalie at Sephora. It came with a small hydrating moisturizer as well, so it will be interesting to try. I have a product I use and reviewed called Vinevera that too has the resveratrol. I do like it. Sounds like you like this product line! I am excited to try it, and still believe that genetics, diet, and water consumption play a big role in our skin. Thanks for the intro to this line!
    take care,
    jess xx

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      That’s fab Jess, I’ll be really keen to hear how you get on with it after a few weeks. Yes I do like this Brand a lot because not only is their product terrific but the company ethics is superb & that goes a long way with me.
      As you point out though, it is very true genetics & then what we put into our bodies is by far more powerful than anything else.
      Chat soon xx

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    Honest Mum

    Need this in my life, love Caudelie and will buy this asap x

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      Oh wonderful Vicki, I’m so pleased! xM

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    I like Caudal products, especially from the “wine” 😉 range. But cosmetic miracles whether you pay 10 pounds or a hundred are at the end of the day just empty promises. Like you said Michelle, hormones and nutrition play a big role in the way how our skin behaves. (BTW, I’ve missed you on blog:) xx Abby

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      Yes the “wine” thing really caught my interest too Abby Heehee
      Missed me? xxx

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    I think Caudalie products are excellent, but like you, I am so OVER the claims that cosmetics and skincare companies make which they cannot support! xx

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      Why oh why can’t they be honest? We are grown up women with a lifetime of experience using cosmetics & let’s face it nothing much has really changed. We can handle the truth right? All that aside I agree Caudalie is far superior to most xxx

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    I find their eye cream to be terrific. It helps with fine lines but also reflects light around the eye area to counteract shadows & dark circles.

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      Oh really? Now that is something I’d like to try! Dark circles are par for the course with 3 children so I’ll definitely give this a go. Thanks for the tip x

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    I have a very annoying sun spot on my face that appeared/got a lot worse when I took a new medication. I have been fighting it for years, including some chemical peels. This product sounds interesting!

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      Ah yes I know the kind you mean Andrea. Did you have any success with the chemical peel? This Vinoperfect will probably keep it from getting worse although you may need to try a spot peel just in the area to really shift it. After I had my last peel I went back a month later for a “touch up” just in the trouble areas. This was very helpful to lighten the most stubborn spots. I’m going to continue using Vinoperfect as a preventative measure.

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