Doing Grown up Preppy - wide leg trousers t-shirt blazer and brogues


Doing Grown up Preppy - wide leg trousers t-shirt blazer and broguesDoing Grown up Preppy - wide leg trousers t-shirt blazer and broguesDoing Grown up Preppy - wide leg trousers t-shirt blazer and broguesThis is exactly the kind of outfit I feel very at home in although until now I wouldn’t have had a name for it. Then the lovely ladies of The Fab 40’s collective kindly invited me to be a guest in their regular link up with this months theme of “Preppy”. Unfamiliar even perplexed by what “Preppy” actually means I turned to Google & Pinterest for guidance. Wikipedia’s explanation references the style of dressing by Upper class students in American Preparatory Universities. That coupled with the British equivalent being the Sloane Ranger & hey presto I had my key pieces – Blazer, Trousers & Brogues!

As far as the literal definition, I couldn’t be further from a genuine “Preppy”. I didn’t grow up wealthy or even go to University in fact I left school at 16 to start work. Yet here I am age 49 wearing one of my favourite styles that has all the hallmarks of being Preppy. To me it’s merely relaxed chic.

Winser London wide leg trousers

Winser London wide leg trousers with Dune brogues

Marks and Spencer white blazer and Maison Kitsune t-shirt

This is my grown up preppy look

With a twist or more precisely, a ponytail! Perhaps you saw my recent Winser London outfit post wearing these beautiful trousers? I’m pleased to be able to show you how versatile they are so soon after that post. I realise they’re an expensive item however you will most certainly get your money’s worth out of them & I intend to prove that over the coming months.
You see it’s the superior quality of these trousers that elevate this simple ensemble to a class act. Well that’s the secret to effortlessly pulling together any outfit isn’t it? Therefore with a great fitting, beautifully cut pair of wide leg trousers in your wardrobe you’ll never be stuck for a chic look.

Marks and Spencer white blazer Maison Kitsune t-shirt and Louis Vuitton Metis bagMarks and Spencer white blazer Maison Kitsune t-shirt Vintage tan plaited belt and Winser London wide leg trousers Marks and Spencer white blazer Maison Kitsune t-shirt Vintage tan plaited belt and Winser London wide leg trousers Marks and Spencer white blazer Maison Kitsune t-shirt Vintage tan plaited belt and NailsInc gel polish

The Maison Kitsuné red Fox T-Shirt

That’s like saying FOX twice hahaha! Anyway I bought this funky T-shirt at the Maison Kitsuné Store in Paris recently. There were so many gorgeous things in that shop that I could’ve gone on a crazed spending spree if I wasn’t such a mature grown-up Mother type person UGH Dull…

Oh well she sighs – Take a look at their online offerings & you’ll see what I mean.

My new T-shirt works perfectly with these trousers pairing my Marks and Spencer white blazer with my old Dune brogues to produce my specific version of Preppy – For a completely different take on the blazer see it here with shorts – My belt & bag are perfectly matched tan accessories although polar opposites in price! See the thrifted belt here & LV bag here for some interesting contrast.
As for this stunning nail varnish, I have to admit it was sheer luck that I even had it. I usually wear OPI polishes however I was given this Nails Inc one coat Gel as a gift & as it happened to match FOXY I thought I’d give it a try. Well let me tell you I’m completely converted! It really is just one coat! This super coverage is actually one quick drying coat, can you believe that? Now of course I’m desperate to try more of the fantastic Nails Inc colour range.

Nails Inc one coat gel polish

I’m having such a fun time with my new Clip In Hair Extensions

Using the main section from my full head of clip in wefts I created a lovely thick ponytail that compliments my Preppy look. A ponytail can take years off your face when you have a fringe, it’s schoolgirl like hence the “preparatory” association.

If you’d like a demonstration of how to achieve this simple sleek style go to my YouTube Channel button at the top of the page or click here. Don’t worry it’s better than my last Vlog although still pretty amateurish Teeheehee but you’ll get the gist. To purchase your own set of silky Hair fun go to the Irresistible Me website.
Grown up Preppy Over 40


Irresistible Me clip in hair pony tail - women over 40 fighting hair loss

So what do you think of my interpretation of Preppy? Scroll on further for those gorgeous FAB 40’s bloggers I mentioned earlier with their take on a Preppy look. Click on their Blog names to go straight to the full outfit post…
Bye for now,

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    Helen Arnold

    Loving these trousers, but aren’t you worried the hem will get torn/ripped, as you’re wearing them with flats and they’re a little too long? How do you decide what trouser length to buy – when you’re spending nearly £200 on a pair you want to be able to maximise their use, but how do you do that if you want to wear them with both heels and flat shoes?

    • avatar

      Hi Helen, that’s an interesting question. Actually I’m not a fan of short trousers, jeans yes – Trousers no. Unless they’re a peg leg of course. I think a wide leg looks better if it’s properly long & yes even skimming the floor. I wouldn’t wear these with flats on a rainy day but otherwise I think they’re fine to wear with my brogues which have a small heel. Probably wouldn’t wear ballet flats with these unless I was going straight from the car to be indoors all day. Although they would look pretty amazing skimming the floor in ballets, I wouldn’t risk damaging them outdoors.
      I used to worry about catching expensive jumpers on my handbag or colour transfer to light coloured pricey clothes. There is a myriad of disasters that can ruin an outfit on any given day but I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to “save for best” any more. I mean what’s the point? Enjoy the outfit I say!
      The question of wearing both heels & flats is a tricky one if your heels are very high. Perhaps buy the trouser length that suits the heel height you wear most? Mx

  • avatar

    What a great read Michelle! I had no idea you have extensions, they look flawless! Your ponytail is so charming & I absolutely love your fringe! Your entire look is so sharp, chic & fun even down to your perfectly matched nail color. Nothing is better than a great pair of wide-legged trousers & they look incredible; you look 7 feet tall! Thanks so much for joining the group this month; it was such fun!!!

    • avatar

      Aw thanks for saying that Diane, you’re a sweetheart. Yes it was fun being an honorary FAB 40 you chicks rock!

  • avatar

    You look fabulous, those extensions are superb!!! YOU LOOK 18!!! I love the tee shirt, of course since I’m fox crazy and it reminds me of our fun weekend. I’d wear this whole look top to bottom… I just need a white blazer now. xx

    • avatar

      I knew you loved this T-shirt you Foxy Lady! Thank you for saying I look 18 – Bloody liar heehee 😉 30 perhaps?

  • avatar
    Lady of Style

    This is such a cool look, Michelle! I love the style mix with your t-shirt which adds such a contemporary touch to the elegant trousers and white blazer.

    Annette | Lady of Style

    • avatar

      Thanks Annette – You know how much I adore these trousers, any excuse to wear them as often as possible!

  • avatar
    Samantha Blair

    Very Chic Michelle.
    You made it look easy (it wasn’t)…bravo!!

    • avatar

      Aw thanks Samantha that’s really kind of you – No it wasn’t easy was it? How funny, such a simple outfit really. I think it’s because Preppy for us UK girls isn’t really “a thing” although when I thought about the Sloane Ranger era it made perfect sense.

  • avatar

    You look so sophisticated and stylish combined with the elegant blazer for a feminine touch. Very relaxed but still classy! I wonder if a black blazer would work too? Working in an events promotion company in London where fashion events are quite a popular category I am constantly overwhelmed by new trends and trying to implement them in my wardrobe but it can be hard to find the next elegant look. It is refreshing that you have combined so stylish items in one look. It is really something that speaks to me!

    • avatar

      That’s music to my ears Fie, thank you for letting me know!
      To be honest I feel it’s the colour contrast of the trousers & jacket that give the outfit an edge. Perhaps if you’re going with a dark blazer choose light coloured trousers? For example you could wear white jeans with a black blazer & grey T-shirt.
      See you soon x

  • avatar

    Very chic! Love the adorable T-shirt and your nail polish! XO

    Edwige |

    • avatar

      Hi Edwige & thank you for the lovely compliment. I’m pleased you like my nail polish xxx

  • avatar
    Cid Style File (@CidStyleFile)

    Hi Michelle! Welcome to the Fab 40’s crew, it great to meet and find new fashion bloggers over 40. Your look is so great and kinda reminds of a Sex In The City outfit.

    • avatar

      No way! Really SATC? Blimey you’ve made my week Veronica you gorgeous woman, thank you sooooo much! xxxx

  • avatar

    I love the fun the tee adds to your preppy outfit! You look great!

    • avatar

      Thank you Andrea – Yes I wore this T-shirt because I didn’t want the outfit to look too straight, which you obviously noticed 😉

  • avatar

    Love this laid back take on preppy style, Michelle. The fox graphic tee is perfect with your blazer and wide leg trousers! I can see myself wearing this look in a heartbeat. So fab to have you join in on the fun this month.

    • avatar

      Aw thank you so much Jenny, it’s been really fun!

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