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Blimey it’s been a hectic couple of weeks, apologies for not bringing you my usual 2 posts! RCM has been making some incredible advances in both readership & behind the scenes.
Allow me to fill you in…
First I was asked to co-host on the much bigger blog Reasons to Dress, something I’d never done before. My wonderful host, Angie is a blogger I’ve long admired & true to form she kindly held my hand through the tech set up procedure. Having an accomplished & ambitious blogger such as she, show faith in my potential, is the highest form of flattery I could wish for. It was down to her confidence in me that the link up was a massive success. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process from start to finish & was introduced to many wonderful women.
Little did I know simultaneously another well known blogger was writing a post also promoting me & RetroChicMama! Catherine, the flame haired beauty of Not Dressed As Lamb published “12 More Stylish Over 40 Bloggers You Should Know“. I couldn’t believe it, not only was this something I’d actually hoped for but it was happening that very same week!
Catherine was unwittingly my mentor right from the very conception of RCM because of her incredibly easy to follow How To Blog posts. Everything from how to brand your blog to how to achieve good bokeh in photos.
There isn’t much this woman doesn’t know about the world of Blogging. Her generosity in sharing this knowledge whilst promoting other Bloggers is world famous in the Blogosphere!
Now here’s where it gets super spooky…
Late last year I noticed something called Blognix Retreat, a weekend bloggers conference held in Northamptonshire. Searching for ways to connect with more 40+ Bloggers & Brands I decided to run it by my blogging buddy Lisa of Stylopedia. Basically it went like this “Hey Lisa my kids are driving me nuts, wanna go to Blognix Retreat?” Hahahaha not even joking.
Next I emailed gorgeous Annette of Lady Of Style to ask if she’d be interested in going. Although Annette lives in Germany I knew she regularly visits her daughter in London so it wasn’t a completely daft notion.
Turned out she loved it! We decided to run with the idea so Annette suggested we send out an email to all the 40+ bloggers we could think of inviting them to join us. This was our opportunity to physically meet, brainstorm ideas & have a giggle.
Fast forward to February & that is exactly what happened. Introducing the sensational, newly formed 40+ GIRL SQUAD.

Watch out 40+ Bloggers are on the rise – Here come the girls!

All sensational blogs you should check out, with quite differing fashion styles & an abundance of talent. As such these ambitious women have an enormous amount to offer Readers & Brands alike.

40+Girl Bloggers
L-R Lisa Stylopedia | Annette Lady of Style | Michelle Barefaced Chic | Catherine Not Dressed As Lamb | Lizzy What Lizzy Loves | Lorraine (blog in development) | RCM | Nikki Midlife Chic

Ultimately all of these events culminated in a perfectly timed giant push of all aspects RetroChicMama – No highly paid hot PR Agency could have planned better!
In under a month RCM is running faster & has quadrupled her readership. I am absolutely blown away & floating on a cloud, thank you Girl Bloggers & Awesome Readers MUWAH!

Finer open weave light knit beige jumper | Alexander McQueen skull pashmina | Baby blue Balenciaga Part Time GSH | Blank NYC cuffed ripped jeans | Paul Smith for Emma Hope snake skin pointed toe sling back shoes

Finer open weave light knit beige jumper | Alexander McQueen skull pashmina | Baby blue Balenciaga Part Time GSH | Blank NYC cuffed ripped jeans | Paul Smith for Emma Hope snake skin pointed toe sling back shoes

Finery London jumper | Chanel Pirate nail varnish | Alexander McQueen skull pashmina


Finer open weave light knit beige jumper | Alexander McQueen skull pashmina | Baby blue Balenciaga Part Time GSH | Blank NYC cuffed ripped jeans

Paul Smith for Emma Hope snake skin slingback shoes | Balenciaga baby blue GSH

Baby blue Balenciaga Part Time GSH | Blank NYC cuffed ripped jeans | Paul Smith for Emma Hope snake skin pointed toe sling back shoes

Baby blue Balenciaga Part Time GSH | Blank NYC cuffed ripped jeans | Paul Smith for Emma Hope snake skin pointed toe sling back shoes

N.B On purchase of these shoes I immediately had a rubber sole fitted for protection. There’s no way the original thin sole would’ve stood the test of time. A little extra outlay is well worth considering for expensive shoes.

Prada Aviator sunglasses | McQueen skull pashmina | Balenciaga Part Time GSH

My outfit today in tomboy jeans is all soft blues & khaki – wearing the Paul Smith for Emma Hope snake skin kitten heels I bought almost 20 years ago. The punch of red is dedicated to all the GIRLS on our planet for International Womens Day.
Stick together, support one another & we can achieve anything…

Love Mx

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    Honest Mum

    So wonderful to read this, amazing women, supporting each other leads to incredible things. Keep shining x

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      Yes indeed Vicki & I know you are a champion for all women! I do appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment, it means a lot xxx

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    YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!! That is why your blog is being noticed!! I love your style and character…and damn when am I going to turn 40 so I can join this fantastic group of bloggers you’ve put together!!!

    I may look into attending a blogging conference in the UK just to come and meet you! And thank you for your nice words…let’s work on our Spring co-hosting so I can already get you on the calendar again!


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      Hahaha we’d love to see you over here Angie but you don’t have to be over 40! I can’t wait to work with you again & I’m definitely coming to Italy for a meet up asap πŸ˜‰
      Thank you so much for your kind words, it’s incredibly flattering coming from such a pro.
      lots of love x

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    Elizabeth @ Rosalilium

    Thank you for coming to the Blognix Retreat, it was great to meet you. And congratulations on the readership, that’s wonderful news.

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      I’m so glad I went Elizabeth, it really was A-Maze-Ing!!!
      Thanks to you & to Raj for putting it on & I will definitely see you at the next one – with my 40+ Squad πŸ˜‰

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    The Stylopedia

    I love the last photo of the sunglasses matching the scarf so perfectly, with that ZING of red lipstick. Just perfect style, and so beautiful! Blognix was super, and I am really looking forward to our next meet up. xx

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      Thanks mate – Me too!

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    Not Dressed As Lamb (@notlamb)

    Michelle wow – to hear that your readership has quadrupled is AMAZING!!!!! And to know that I had a little part to play in that is wonderful to hear, I get so much support from my fellow bloggers that to do the odd feature here and there is the least I can do to pay it back.

    It was soooooooooo fantastic to meet you the other weekend at Blognix – the other girls too – I think I’m going to be still buzzing from that event for a very long time. Thank you so much for those kind words, I’m so pleased the tips posts have helped! It was funny that you asked me at some point on the Saturday whether I’d learnt anything or was it all stuff I knew already: I had learnt SO much up to that point and went on to learn so much more (in fact I don’t think there was any session where I was sitting there thinking “oh I know all this already”)! It goes to show that blogging is so fluid, it’s constantly changing and we just have to keep up with it. I think our mastermind session in the summer will be brilliant – I can’t wait, not just to see everyone again, but also to get brainstorming!!

    Here’s to your stats continuing to grow and grow, much love to you

    Catherine xx

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      Yes I agree 100% Catherine – Blognix was incredible for so many reasons not the least of which was connecting with you girls.
      It is completely true that blogging is fluid, as you say but that’ll keep me on my toes plus we have a constant excuse to meet up again!
      Can’t wait xxx

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    No wonder your readership is on a skyward trajectory…High quality images, fantastic writing and an achingly cool sense of style….you deserve your success!

    This distressed look is one of my favourites.
    I love the mix of the delicate shoe and the scruffy denim.
    That bag is gorgeous and I love the knit of your jumper.

    I have a pair of pink Marc Jacobs pumps in a similar leather (with scales) but in hot pink….I bought them on Ebay for almost nothing.
    I too, had a rubber sole added (and new heel tips) and they are good as new! So comfortable.
    A rubber sole also gives more stability underfoot.
    Well worth a small investment.
    Great styling!
    P.S I so wish I had been at the Blognix event…it would have been so much fun to meet you all and talk “blog” with people who get it!

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      Thank you so much Samantha, that is such a massive compliment!
      Your Marc Jacobs shoes sound very cool, it blows me away how many incredible bargains are on Ebay. Particularly when a small adjustment is required most people wouldn’t be interested. You obviously see potential & understand what’s needed to give something a new lease of life. Good thing for us too eh?
      It is a shame you couldn’t make it to Blognix this time but I’m sure it’ll be just as brilliant next year.
      We’ll all meet up again so you must definitely come!

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    Brilliant post Michelle! It was such a pleasure to meet you and all the other ladies. I think you’re right – 40 plus bloggers are on the rise, and were going to take over the bloggy world!
    Michelle xx

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      You betcha baby! Aint no stopin’ us πŸ˜‰

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    Oh Girls! I so wanted to be there. Too bad family circumstances were not in my favour. Anyway, I’m going there next year for sure. To meet you all and have a chat:) You look all absolutely FAB ladies!!!! And congratulations on all things good that happened at RCM! Well done, Michelle!
    xx Abby

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      We missed you Abby, you really should’ve been there. Don’t worry we’re trying to get a London meet sorted for Summer, hopefully you’ll be able to come xxx

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    Andy leathered

    Such a great group of very classy looking Ladies and all so happy πŸ™‚ Your outfit looks perfect for the season and such a great look for you. Now those 20 year old shoes…wow !! They are fantastic and a perfect match with that outfit. Nothing looks more luxurious than real snakeskin or feels more luxurious…right ? πŸ˜‰

    • avatar

      Hi Andy, that is such a lovely compliment thank you so much!
      Skins of any description are always a tricky dilemma as I really try to keep it as ethical as possible & hope to never unwittingly buy skins that are from tortured animals. Blogger & leather designer Angie from Reasons to Dress wrote a thought provoking blog post recently about this very issue To Fur or not to Fur that you may be interested in.
      Ultimately it’s down to what we think is reasonable for the sake of fashion. For some it’s no animal products at all & for others it’s no holds barred but for me it’s somwhere in between. I eat meat & I wear leather, somewhere in between I deplore animal cruelty. That’s life though isn’t it? A balancing act between what we think is right & wrong?

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