allsaints jumper dress and over the knee boots

Last Winter I bought the most fabulous pair of over the knee boots in the AllSaints sale. Also in that sale I managed to score the lovely Jumper Dress I’m wearing in the image above which you can see styled another way here. In fact most of my wardrobe has been purchased in one sale or another, as I’ve said before – I’m a sales only shopper!
My reasoning is simply that if I refrain from buying fashion until the sales, I get more bang for my buck. For example these boots were reduced from £498 waaaay down to £199!
Now I’m not saying AllSaints is the be all & end all but for style & quality their sales are definitely at the top of my list. Every year around this time, I end up with something very special for a ridiculously reduced retail price.
Not only that but as a sweetener they offer free delivery & returns when you spend over £150 so trying on a few pieces is a worthwhile endevour.
This current sale is once again chock full of key wardrobe staples with many sizes remaining. I’ve gone through everything to cherry pick the best for you today. These are clothes & shoes I either already own (or have similar versions of) or would like to buy at some point.
Let’s begin…

Key Boots every girl should own

In my humble opinion there are basically 4 styles of boots that I should have in my wardrobe. There is absolutely no reason why I can’t find these during the sales as long as I’m patient. Sure it’s kinda like playing chicken but let’s be honest, does it matter if I end up getting nothing in the big scheme of things? No it doesn’t, so I wait. And see.

  • The low heel Ankle Boot & high heel Ankle Boot
  • The Knee-High high heel boot & Knee-High low heel boot.

As far as colours & heel shape are concerned I really don’t think that matters as it’s purely about personal preference. I don’t believe in following trends, heel shapes come & go so I just wear what I like the look of. The same can be said for my colour choices which to be honest, tend to err on the side of neutral. So that’s black, tan or brown & grey or khaki. Mind you I’ve been dreaming of a pair of red boots lately, so we’ll see what the January sales have to offer.


Sales are the ideal way to invest in superior quality knitwear & these days I don’t even have to wait until Summer for the best reductions! The divine knits I’ve chosen today all possess a unique detail that sets them apart from your average jumper. Incidentally the cowl neck jumper on the left I bought in brown many years ago. I still wear it every single Winter & it remains in pristine condition in fact you can see for yourself in this post. Now that’s definitely more than 30 wears right?

Buying out of Season

When you search through sale items remember to keep in mind what you could make use of next Season. Usually these are the best bargains of all! Take this pretty pink silk shirt dress & sliver sandals outfit I put together from the AllSaints sale. This would make a versatile addition to your Summer holiday capsule & a stunning outfit on its own!

The Denim Shirt Dress

Do you have a denim shirt dress? Take no notice of the way AllSaints have styled theirs, instead picture this cool & casual for Summer or Spring. I wear mine regularly with ballet flats or sandals & with a cross-body bag it’s grown up chic. There are many versions of the denim shirt dress in this sale however I have chosen my two favourites which also happen to be half price. Although you probably wouldn’t wear a dress like this for many months, now is definitely the time to buy it!

Next week is my Christmas Party Outfit Post – Arrrgh how fast has this year flown by? I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that I’m turning 50 next year BLOODY HELL!

Have a fab weekend, Mx
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    Fun shoot!

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      Thank you! x

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    No Fear of Fashion

    It is so relaxing to not being able to buy anything anymore. When I look at all te tempting things you put in this post, I immediately want to go to sites and start ordering. Instead I think: nope.. cannot do as I gave all my cards to my husband in order to regain some money to fill the hole in my saving account. Have gone overboard and this is the only discipline I can muster up.
    But as I say: very relaxing too. I don’t have to do anything anymore.
    PS fantastic dress on you. And with these boots, man you are a knock-out.

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      Oh no Greetje have you been a naughty girl? Thank goodness for the Husband hey? I hope he’s strong enough to resist your charms my friend 😉
      Merry Christmas to you both xxx

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        No Fear of Fashion

        Oh he is strong enough, but he hates the task. And I have been a very, very naughty girl. Definitely no Christmas presents for me this year.

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          Poor man I feel for him but that’s the price he has to pay to be with such a stylish woman 😉

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    Michelle – The Barefaced Chic

    I love this post Michelle. I am an absolute bargain fan. In fact, it’s rare that I buy anything full price. Let’s put it this way: if there’s a full price sticker on a piece of clothing, then it was probably bought for me by my husband. He has great taste in clothes, but no patience to wait for sales!
    I’m also a bit of a second hand shop (thrift store) addict. I’m a bit of a magpie and love to ‘collect’ clothes. By buying second hand I save a lot of money, still get to have fun and donate back when I’m bored with it. I shall now go and polish my halo.
    Michelle xxx

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      Well you are an angel there’s no doubt about that…
      I completely agree about charity shops Michelle & Oh isn’t it a buzz when you find something special?! Mxxx

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    Ah, the sales! I miss the Harrods ones so much. I always feel way less guilty after paying half the price for anything, let alone something I will actually war a lot, like the items you listed there Michelle! I totally love your boots! xx Abby

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      Ah yes you lived right by Harrods Abby! I never actually “go” to the sales, were they crazy crowded? Do you not go to the sales in Paris? xxx

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    Totally with you Michelle on the buy on sale only approach, especially with most brands now doing private or soft sales all year long… Anyway, love that jumper dress. Great buy!

    And don’t let anyone (including yourself) make you feel you are about to turn 50, you look awesome!

    Sophie XXX

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      Oh right I forgot about private sales Sophie! It’s really just as easy to wait these days so why buy at full price? Mind you I do wonder how much mark up is on some of the brands when they can afford to drop by 40%. Then conversely you get the silly 10% off which is hardly worth mentioning & certainly wouldn’t inspire me to buy. I guess it’s all down to where you shop in the end.
      Thank you for saying I look awesome, you’re pretty hot yourself lady 😉 xxx

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    Now where was I when those boots went on sale? 🙂 I love your examples and love perusing the boots/booties each season. Very good suggestion buying out of season, wish I had the patience. I do buy on sale or look for coupons and ask myself what I need to add to my existing wardrobe.
    Have a great weekend!
    jess xx

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      Hahaha well that’s the thing about buying in sales, sometimes you miss out right? I don’t mind though, there’s always another one xx

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    I should buy more on sale! And as long as you dont say it out loud, it s not bad to turn 50!😂😂😂😂

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      Absolutely Nancy, I can’t tell you how good it feels to nab that dream piece I otherwise wouldn’t be able to justify buying. To be honest I say 50 & it sounds wrong 😉 xM

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