It’s wonderful to have so many parties at this time of year. I thoroughly enjoy catching up with my friends at Christmas & having a good giggle. What I can’t do too much of these days are the late nights. Now if you have a few different groups of friends, say your work mates, school Mum friends, old BFF’s that kind of deal, these “parties” can add up! I know I sound like a kill joy but those late nights of drinking take way too long to recover from & I simply don’t want to waste my days feeling rubbish. A great way to avoid party fatigue is by making some of these gatherings more of an afternoon tea.

High Tea is the traditional term isn’t it? In London you will find amazing places to enjoy afternoon tea such as Sketch & The Savoy where the atmosphere & views are as delicious as the sandwiches. However posh & pricey does not a High Tea make when all you really need is a hot cuppa & fabulous friends. Oh & maybe the odd cupcake…

My ideal outfit for such an occasion has to be a pastel ensemble such as today’s baby blue look. Mind you I couldn’t resist adding my new yellow shoes I bought for a snip in the Whistles sale. Ahem, cough cough, even though cheeky Miss Kiki said I looked like a Granny. Kids today right? Oh well it’s a personal preference & not everyone’s cup of tea. Boom tish!

My skirt is also from Whistles but very old (see it again here) however I found one exactly the same for you below. The jumper is from AllSaints last year, such a versatile colour that I’ve almost worn it to death – see here another way. The vintage Dior scarf was from Vestiaire Collective & my coat is also last years Laura Ashley – see here & here for a restyle. Finally my blue tights are from Wolford as usual since they always last the longest I don’t bother with other brands.



Add some old style glamour with a vintage DIOR scarf

baby blue balenciaga part time GSH


My Balenciaga Part Time bag has served me well for many years. It’s quite a rock and roll look with its giant silver hardware yet it always manages to fit well with other styles because of the pretty baby blue colour. This makes it an infinitely wearable bag indeed. You can see how many ways I’ve worn it here, here, here & here. Now I realise Balenciaga is an expensive label however there is no doubt you get what you pay for in quality & design. In any case if you’d rather a more affordable Bal Bag there are quite a few pre-loved beauties out there to make your own. I’ve picked the best second-hand ones I could find above.









Oh I know the answer to this…As long as I bloody well want! No the real question is how long will I grow my hair before it starts looking like I’m in 3rd grade? The reason I ask is because recently I noticed a thirty year old woman with hair to her waist & immediately thought “Good grief woman cut that hair you’re not 8!” I know that was rather unkind of me but seriously, SHE’S A GROWN WOMAN!

Although conversely I adore the long hairstyles of Julianne Moore & other women over 50. Have a look at my Pinterest to see some incredibly beautiful women over 50 rockin’ long locks. So when does long hair stop looking sexy & just look juvenile? I think the answer is probably more about the individual than age per say. When it comes down to it hair is all about what suits the woman in question. On some women grey hair is stunning while on others it’s aging. I believe the same applies to length & that’s purely down to two factors – Their face shape & HOW they wear their hair. Now the HOW part includes, cut, colour & most importantly style. And that my friends is the intangible, unique essence of YOU.

Since I’m still enjoying the different ways of styling my long hair I’ll probably keep it for a while. Perhaps it’s time to go red again? It’s been seven years since I was a fiery redhead, I kinda liked that version of me. Plus changing the colour is an easy way to give the old head a new look although there will come a day when I cut it all off again. I do love a pixie & a sharp bob too…

Ciao loves xx
*With thanks to The Crown in Broxbourne for allowing me to shoot in their lovely establishment

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    sara delaney

    I’m a big fan of a pastel any time of year… also love your hair long if that’s any help!


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    No Fear of Fashion

    Don’t you worry about long hair. I have seen many older women with long hair and I love it. We all just have to get used to older women wearing their hair like that. Your thoughts about the woman with hair to her waist, are just conditioned thoughts, thanks to upbringing, general belief in our youth. Rationally you know it is different now, but old habits (upbringing, values etc) don’t die as easily. Our conscious brain has accepted the change, the older sub conscious brain needs more time.
    Your outfit was very good. Don’t mind what Kiki said, she is a victim of the above as well. Besides I don’t think your granny would have worn these fun shoes. Especially not with blue tights.

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    Suzy Turner

    I think you look lovely in this baby blue outfit, Michelle. And the yellow shoes make it a bit more of a fun statement. The scarf is absolutely gorgeous, of course too!
    As for your hair, you look gorgeous with it long. So many women cut off their long hair because they think they have to at a certain age which I think is total bollocks (excuse my language)– it really winds me up! Women should wear their hair however THEY want it to be. I do love to see really long grey hair – I think it’s classy and so feminine. I also love to see old ladies with super short hair too.
    I’d love to see you with fiery red hair, Michelle. I reckon it’d look fabulous!
    Suzy xx

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    Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

    I adore your outfit – the pale blue is just perfect. I’m in love with pleated skirts. A woman can wear her hair long as long as likes for as long as she likes. I have found I look better with shoulder length hair now, but some women older than me still look fabulous with long locks xxx

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    Nancy Baten

    First I love that outfit! I wear the pleated skirt a lot also with a sweater! On the hair issue…..I struggled with my hair all my life…….😂😂😂😂😂IT s not as bad as it sounds. But lately I am wondering if I should wear it a bit shorter. I think it Jan t do much An issue of the lenght, more of how it fits to your face. My face isn t 20 anymore so I can have lenght behind my ears, but the other lenght have to be shorter otherwise my ,,face hangs,,. So, I am all for women with long hair no mather what agenda, but for myself it doesn t look good anymore.

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    Looking divine there, Michelle! And about the hair, I would say as long as you want. My hair has thinned out so much, I wouldn’t dare to wear it open anymore, so I just stick to my pony tail. Like this nobody won’t notice that I only have a few of them left 😉 Lots of love! xx Abby

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    Lisa the sequinist

    Hmmm, I love your hair long, but I also think a bob suits you so very well. The joy is in the change and the experimenting though, isn’t it?

    This whole baby blue look is so pretty, especially with the pink coat. LOVE! I’ve not seen you wear the yellow shoes before. That is a nice blast of sunshine on your feet to get through the grey winter days! xx

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    Petite teacher

    Dear Michelle, What a lovely and chic outfit you are wearing on the blog this week. I envy you for your choice of shoes. I am far too safe in that perspective, although with shoes I can also use the excuse for having such small feet that I cannot easily find funky, funny or special ones. But that is only an excuse. I just don’t dare and you do and it looks great too. Enjoy all your gatherings! Love, Lieske

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    I’m 51 now and still wear my fake pony tail! And I have a friend who colours hers all sorts now she’s retired. As for my real hair I keep it shoulder length because it’s so fine and wouldn’t look great too long.

    But it’s surprising how you’re not “supposed” to have long hair after 40. I agree that it’s down to the person who owns it whether she suits it. Or more importantly, if she wants it.

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